Welcome to my Website!

Welcome to my Photography frontier on the web! Take a look around and let me know what you think. The content is not yet complete, however, should be finished within the next week or so.

As you can see I’m a “Western” girl with a flair for “Adventure!” I absolutely love Photography and I love conveying stories, imaginations, & emotions through my images. Whether gazing through the lens into a Bobcat’s eyes or capturing the expression of the eye’s and ear’s of a horse at work, I’m equally at home.  There’s always an image to be captured, a story to be told and an adventure to be had. Life should always be a barrel of fun!

It’s only fitting that in my first blog I should shout out  a Texas sized  “thank you” to my husband (aka John Wayne/JW) and daughter (aka Barbie Girl) for putting up with the long hours I’ve spent working on this site! I have to include one of my favorite photo’s of the two of them after a fun afternoon out with the horses (ok, so it was fun but it was smoking hot here in TX!)

Kick off your boots and stay tuned, I’m just getting started!

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