Howdy and thank you for stopping by to visit my Photography home on the Web. I currently reside near Ft Worth, TX, am a mother, a wife, a photographer and an animal and outdoor lover. The passion that fuels my photography was born in the breathtaking land of mountains and horses. My passion is photographing horses, cowboys & cowgirls, western lifestyle, families, kids and models. For me photography is all about, “the moment, the emotion and the story behind the story!”

Grateful for the opportunity to be raised on an incredibly beautiful remote ranch in Northern New Mexico in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains fuels the passion for Photography. My familyʼs ranch was one of four large ranches on a dead end dirt road. We didnʼt own a TV and the only phone line was shared with the other 4 ranches on the road. The majority of our days were spent horseback. We saw bear, elk and deer on a regular basis and occasionally a mountain lion. Every day was a new “Adventure” and the opportunities were endless!

I spent  25+ years traveling across the US showing horses. By the age of 20 Iʼd won 50+ saddles, 100+ AQHA All Around Bronzes, earned an AQHA Youth Supreme Champion Title, State and National Titles and trained, bought and sold great horses. Understanding horses comes natural, reading horses expressions, movement, their eyes & ears is second nature. I understand how they communicate with other horses and with humans. Horses, as well as all animals, have their own individual personalities, talents and emotions. Capturing in images those sensational moments of Horses, Families, Weddings, Models, Corporate Images and the Western Lifestyle is my Passion. Iʼm still involved in the Horse Industry professionally as a Judge for the American Quarter Horse Assoc, the American Paint Horse Assoc and several other Associations.

I owe the delightful experiences of life on a ranch in the mountains to my Dad, who was my “Hero.” He was an adventurer, a cowboy, an entrepreneur, an opportunist and an incredible father.  The stunning beauty that surrounds us should never be taken for granted. My passion is capturing those wondrous moments that may never happen again. I’d love to be your Photographer and capture your spectacular moment in time.



Horse Images that represent horses and riders in a true sense. Rep for The American Horse Council, US

 “As an amateur photographer, I’ve had a chance to meet and shoot with Tammy a couple of times. I recently took a landscape photo of wildflowers along a train track that inspired her to go out and take a similar, but much better image in a different location. I liked hers so much that I ordered a print! She shipped it to me promptly and the quality was excellent. Tammy is a very talented photographer, and she’s very professional in her follow-up dealings with customers. I can recommend her work enthusiastically.”  Ken Z,    CFO Midland, TX

“I purchased a 24X36 Print that is a stunning addition to our home. It’s an amazing photo and the Print quality is exceptional. Will definitely purchase more Prints from Tammy.”   Tami H,   Louisiana

“Tammy does Gallery worthy work. Very impressive!”  Steve Ellinger, Pro Fashion Photographer,  TX

Your work is just awesome, thanks for sharing it with us ! Ann L.

I received my Calamity Jane-Legend quote t-shirt in the mail on Friday! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing your talent! Candace S.

Tammy is an amazing photographer! She can capture the beauty of anything and catch a moment and make it last for ever. And, she has a big heart! Recently she helped in the raising of funds for an orphanage in South Sudan, Africa with the selling of one of her pieces. Our gratitude to runs deep! Elisabeth C.

New fan, loving your work !!!!!!!!!!!!! Ann L.


Lawd, do you ever have a new fan! Great works!!!! Leslie G. K.

Love your site Tammy and your photos! Great job! We love the Prints and cherish having the family memories displayed in our home.
David C.

I love ALL the fall season pics you took of my horses and me. You took so many good shots that it was hard to narrow done which ones to buy in print form. Thanks again for introducing me to metal prints also. No frames, vivid color, and they are very light weight. I have two of them at work where they’ve received lots of compliments on both the shot itself as well as the metal print concept. I ‘d love to have you take a few spring pics of the horses and dogs at liberty. Candace C.

Tammy – you have such amazing talent! I’m proud to be your friend! May your passion never fade! Kirk G.

Great photographer! Love Tammy’s work and she is so wonderful to work with! My Save The Date session couldn’t have been any better!! 🙂 Lauren N.

Tammy thank you very much for all the wonderful photos you have taken of me. I really love the three you had printed on Metal for me. I love the colors of the metal prints. They are so bright and perfect. They are simply amazing! Terry R.

You do such great work Tammy, I can’t wait to see more of your stuff.
Miranda L.

Great work! Debbie R.

I love your photography!!!! Anita G. N.

I love all the great photo’s from our recent Save The Date Photo Session. There were so many great photo’s we had a hard time deciding which one to use. I love the Metal Print we ordered, it’s amazing. Josie S.

“I’ve ordered several 30X40 Metal Prints for my clients . The Prints have been a hit and they exceeded my clients expectations. The Photo’s are amazing and the Print quality is excellent. I love her work.” Kate D,  Interior Design,   TX

“I have one of Tammy’s Prints hanging in my office at the Ohio House of Representatives and it’s a constant conversation piece.”  Andy  Thompson, State Representative, OH